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Being a Saga Fan, Jean was at the show in Ottawa in Feb 2013, The band opening that night was Mystery who was playing their first show with Jean-Sebastien Goyette. Little did he know that Mystery would be looking for a new singer a few months later.


Jean has been involved in music for many years, recording new age music and also singing in a few tribute bands. He joined Mystery the spring of 2014 just in time for the band to go on a European tour in the fall of the same year. Jean made his studio debut with MYSTERY on the latest album Delusion Rain  



Michel formed MYSTERY at the end of the 80’s with Keyboardist Sylvain Desharnais.  First EP released in 1992. Michel then formed the Unicorn Records label in 1995 to promote the music of Mystery and would release 2 albums until the departure of singer Gary Savoie in 1999.


He would devote his time to build the label which is now known as Unicorn Digital and created a home for many artists with the release of more than 100 recordings to this Day. He returned to MYSTERY in 2007 with the release of Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face. Michel also plays in the Progressive rock band HUIS



Joining MYSTERY in 2008 as a touring Bassist, multi-instrumentalist, Francois also plays drums, guitars and keyboards. His first studio work with MYSTERY was Taurus pedals on the 2010 One Among the Living album.


He also played bass on the title track of the same album. He is also playing all bass, Taurus pedals and Back vocals on the first Mystery Live double album Tales from the Netherlands and on the latest album Delusion Rain, on which he also plays keyboards.



He moved from Paris France to establish himself in Quebec. Sylvain’s first work for Mystery was in 2009 when he was asked to transcribe and write music charts for the new Mysterons.


He would become a Mysteron himself in 2012 and play his first show with MYSTERY on August 9th 2012 opening for SAGA. That night, the Band was releasing their new Studio album The World is a Game.  Sylvain’s first recording with Mystery can be heard on the 2014 double live album Tales from the Netherlands and on the latest album Delusion Rain  



In 2012, after a video audition for the Neal Morse Band, Jean-Sebastien was invited in Nashville for the group audition at Neal’s recording studio. Although he did not get the job, the videos of his audition caught the attention of MYSTERY, looking for a replacement for Steve Gagne who informed the mysterons that he would be leaving the band in early 2013. 


JS was invited to see Mystery at Steve’s last show and 2 weeks later he played his first show with Mystery opening for Saga in Ottawa on Feb 7th.  JS can be heard on the 2014 double live album Tales from the Netherlands and on the latest album Delusion Rain  



Antoine is not new to the Mystery family.  In 2014 when Sylvain Moineau was not able to tour Europe with the band, we needed a temporary replacement and 21 year old Antoine Michaud was proposed. He learned all the songs on guitar and after a few rehearsals he flew to Europe with Mystery for the 2014 The World is a Game tour.


Antoine Michaud now 23 years old was contacted for the job on July 5th 2016 knowing that there was a show in Veruno Italy 2 months later. He gladly accepted the challenge, got the equipment, learned all the song this time on Keyboards and debuted his first keyboard gig in Italy with the Mysterons.

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