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Space Culture is the solo album from mysteron Antoine Michaud. This instrumental album blends atmospheric & cinematic music with elements of progressive rock. It is mainly written for ambient electric guitar and keyboards, but the addition of a live string section (violin & cello) complements the songs with just the right textures. This is the perfect album to sit back and relax. Discover the ethereal world of Monochrome Seasons


1. Space Culture

2. Following Myself

3. Vintage Pulsations

4. The Decision

5. Seeds of Life

6. Associate, Dissociate

7. Nostalgia Restored

8. Stuck in a Secret Space

9. The Deserted Garden

10. If Hours Were Seconds

Monochrome Seasons - Space Culture

SKU: MS-001
  • Audio CD Digipak


    1 Audio CD

  • 1-2 Weeks 

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