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Unveil the Mystery (Issue no7)

Helley again! Shorter chronicle this week, just a quick mention of the Brass Monkey show last week in Ottawa. It took me a whole first set to be comfortable, in part because of the sound on stage who was so loud, the low roof didn't help, but still, very, very enjoyable The audience did a more than deserved warm welcome to our two new members, who did fantastically well on their first show. I had a good feeling that Jean had that charisma during rehearsals, that was confirmed and even beyond any of our expectations as soon as the show started. Vocally he was perfect, though we know Jean has a more edgy, powerful voice, we we're all anxiously waiting to see if this particular new vocal tone would get the approval from the crowd. It seems it did! Antoine became at ease on stage very fast, i don't even remember him playing one bum note. Of course i can't say that much for myself, having more of my share of jazzy-embarrassing moments. I was probably listening a bit too much to the overall band rather than myself, wich can be sometimes a good thing, as much as a trap to avoid at other times. One of the good side of this is the chemistry that quickly took shape between us, wich is one of the most frequent positive comment we got so far. Anyway, back to work now, a drumming gig is keeping me busy these days, and after that, some more preparation work for the upcoming tour in 2 weeks... Speaking of live shows, i thought it would be interesting to show you my top 15 list of my favourite live albums, subject to changes on a daily basis as usual..... in no particular order except the first one.... - genesis 'seconds out' - rush 'exit stage left' - octobre 'live chant dans la nuit' - cheap trick's 'live at budokan' - dream theater's 'once upon in a live time' - marillion 'real to reel' - saga 'in transit' - supertramp 'live paris' - harmonium 'en tournée' - buddy rich 'big swing face' - king crimson 'absent lovers' - queen 'live at wembley' - zappa 'roxy and elsewhere' - uzeb 'world tour 90' - porcupine tree 'octane twisted' honourable mention's to gentle giant's ''playing the fool'', ''genesis live'', ''yessongs'' and UK's ''night after night''. goodbye yellow prog road -frank

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